General Medicine and Wellness

Wellness care is important to your pet’s overall health and comfort. It prevents disease and allows for early detection as well as intervention. Outpatient wellness care services include but are not limited to routine immunization, parasite screening, deworming, nutritional counseling, flea control and heartworm prevention. From routine care to treatment of illness or injury, to dermatology and many other medical anomalies, Plantation Centre Animal Hospital ensures the very best care for your pet.

Reproductive Services

At Plantation Centre Animal Hospital, Dr. Jeff Davis offers reproductive services for both large and small animal patients. It can include evaluation of both potential parents which involves semen analysis and estrus detection. Other services can include semen freezing and storage, fresh collection and shipping, and if needed, artificial insemination. Please make arrangements with us prior to your pet’s reproductive needs to consult with Dr. Davis and our staff.

In Hospital Services

Hospitalization for more seriously ill pets are often provided within our facility. Surgery is performed in our fully equipped veterinary surgical suite where we routinely handle a wide variety of soft tissue and orthopedic cases. We also offer professional dentistry cleanings and care with both general and non-anesthesia techniques. Our hospital utilizes in-house laboratory diagnostics in order to obtain quick results to begin the appropriate care for your pet. Offsite laboratory testing is also available. We also offer non-invasive diagnostics such as radiology and ultrasound.

Drop-off Service

Pets may be dropped off for well and sick care as a convenience to our busy clients. Please be advised that the exact time that your pet is attended to is uncertain. When dropping off, it is important that you speak directly to a veterinary technician or to one of the staff veterinarians before leaving your pet. We will keep in touch with you throughout the day in order to confirm the diagnostic and treatment plans as well as the condition of your pet, therefore it is also important that you leave a contact number for the attending veterinarian to reach you by telephone if necessary.

Mobile Service

Our veterinarians are equipped with mobile veterinary vehicles in order to provide onsite medical services at your home. Farm and house calls are provided for equine, livestock and small animals.

Pet Lodging

We provide pet lodging services to our established clients only. Please click here for more information on boarding your pet!

Bathing Service

Everyone feels better after a bath, including your pet! At Plantation Centre Animal Hospital, we offer bathing services to meet your pet’s needs. Appointments for “spa day” should be made in advance and pets need to be dropped off early in the day so they can be ready to go home by 4:30 pm. Bathing services include:

  • Routine bathing, nail trimming, and expressing of anal glands
  • Flea baths and other flea control applications
  • Medicated treatment for skin problems