At PCAH, we believe that your basic healthcare will lead you to the pathway of a healthy horse and the saying is, “stay proactive, not reactive”! We recommend:


A thorough physical examination of your horse will be conducted. The veterinarian will check your horse’s eyes, mouth, heart, lungs, GI, etc.


EWT, WN, Flu/Rhino, Strangles and Rabies. Ask us about what vaccine schedule works best for your horse.

Fecal Examinations

A sample of fresh manure can be tested for intestinal parasites. Paste dewormer can be given based on the results of a microscopic examination of the feces.

Coggins Testing

A coggins test is performed to test for a virus called Equine Infectious Anemia. The virus infects the red blood cells of horses. Horses can contract the virus from horse fly and deer fly bites. The disease causes a high fever, anemia, lethargy, and limb swelling. Most horses do not show clinical signs; therefore, a coggins test is performed every 12 months. At PCAH, we offer two types of coggins forms. One is the traditional carbon paper form and the second is the digital coggins. The digital coggins is where we take photographs of your horse. The digital coggins takes less time to process, and we can email you the results. A negative coggins is required for interstate and intrastate travel.

Health Certificate

Health certificates are a requirement for interstate and intrastate travel. They have to be issued by a veterinarian. The doctor will examine your horse to determine if he or she is healthy and leaving from a disease-free premises. A negative coggins is required before a health certificate can be issued. At PCAH, we offer two types of forms: the digital copy that can be emailed or the carbon copy paper.


We offer nutritional consultations for your horse. Maintaining optimal body weight in your horse can sometimes be a challenge. If your horse is underweight, pregnant or overweight, let us help you find a quality feed program designed for your horses specific needs.
Contact us to have one of our veterinarians conduct a wellness exam on your horse.

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