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Pet Lodging

Our clinic offers full service, climate controlled, indoor boarding for the comfort and care of your pet. A distinct advantage should your pet develop any unanticipated health problems requiring special care in your absence is that all pets that stay in our facility are under the supervision of the clinic veterinarians. Whether you are going out of town, have a family emergency, or just need a place to board your pet, Plantation Centre Animal Hospital will provide a safe place to do so.

Reserved for our established clients, we offer day, overnight, or extended stay boarding services.

Dogs and cats are house in separate areas of the hospital, each designated for their special needs. We even offer lodging for our smaller exotic friends if needed. We feed a sensitive stomach diet to prevent stress gastritis. Our canine boarders are walked twice a day, and their food and water needs are met throughout the day as well. Feline boarders are given a quiet cage to curl into and are tended to twice daily as well. If you have a family of pets and would like for them to board together in the same run or cage, we are more than willing to accommodate (providing they get along).

If you have a pet with medical problems, or one who requires daily medication, you can rest assured that your pet is being monitored closely for complications and is getting his or her medications properly. Please make sure all medications are in the original prescription containers with proper labeling.

While preparing to board your pet with us, we encourage you to bring your pet’s own food and treats provided they are in a sealable container. A few things we do not encourage are:

  • Rawhide bones or other bones
  • Toys
  • Beds and blankets

*Note that we do make exceptions for some patients, especially the elderly, arthritic pets, but if your pet has ever been known to chew up toys, bedding, etc… we cannot allow that pet those luxuries (it would be awful to have to perform surgery on your pet while you were out of town due to a foreign body ingestion/obstruction, and it HAS happened!) We also prefer you take your pet’s collar and leash with you at the time of drop-off, so it does not get lost.

Drop off times for pets using the lodging facility are during normal clinic hours only. Pick up for pets are during normal clinic hours and between 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays when arranged at the time of drop off.

In a hurry? Go ahead and fill out our boarding form to make check-in a lot quicker!